Thank you.

Hello PB followers!

Starting a business is a terrifying experience and I wanted to make my first blog post about the people that helped me along the way this past year. In no specific order, in advance Thank You.

First, I want to thank my childhood bestie Torri. With you moving away I feel like we grew apart but with you back in London we have been able to have our lunch or dinner dates on the regular. At the beginning of this adventure I was able to take over these pleasant meet ups to bombard you with questions about what I needed for my license and what not. Nearing the end you were willing to whip out your high school photo shop knowledge, even though you felt outdated with what you were working with, to help me with website and logo designs. Thank you so much for your support and love this past year and for continually being apart of my life!

Next, I want to thank my bestie Steph (and Dylan as well!!). From living together during the start of this crazy adventure to now, you have been there to listening to my every babble from complaining to celebrating. Thank you for always being there as a get away from the craziness of life (aka willing to watch the most childish things with me) and knowing the EXACT time that ChatTime opens so we can get the freshest tapioca. Love you girl (insert Fab Dora Twins) Thank you Dylan for creating a beautiful logo and business cards for the business. Every time I give a card out the first comment people make is that they LOVE the big bow. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to make those for me and allowing me to bother you about wanting fonts and other elements changed.

To Andrews family, Thank you for all your support and love through out this adventure. I promise to give everyone cards soon! You have welcomed me into your family with open arms and I could not ask for a more helpful and thoughtful family.

Andrew, my love. Thank you for being there this past year through out the ups and downs of various jobs and then the decision of me doing this FOR REALS. Thank you for understanding my mood swings, tunnel vision and when I need a hug to cool down. I love you so much and I don't think I could ask for a better companion throughout this crazy adventure. Thank you for loving me even at my craziest! (Also shout out to our pup Otis to always knowing when puppy love is needed)

Lastly, my family. I want to start with my brother Graham, thank you for your harsh opinions about the business names and all your help with everything during the tough start of this business. Truly the best brother any girl could ask for, love you bud! Dad, thank you for all the financial support you have given me during this past year, I have been so grateful for all of your love and support thank you so much, love you. Mom, I don't even know where to start. Thank you for everything honestly. From just being there, to actually pitching in and getting your hands dirty during events. (Busted hand or not) Thank you for pushing me to do want I want and love to do and for teaching me between right and wrong on how to treat others and be treated in this crazy world. I love when people tell me that I remind them of you because I strive every day to be you. You are and always will be my role model. Thank you for making me your retirement plan and I can't wait for it! I love you all and thank you so much.

If I missed anyone, don't think you went unrecognized. Many people have been there helping and I love and thank everyone for the love and support. Sometimes I take a step back and look at my life and I can't believe that I have surrounded myself with such AMAZING people. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Starting out has been the biggest learning curve, there is only so much that they can teach you in a classroom. I can't wait to see where this business goes and watch it flourish and become a business to be proud of.

--With Love Jess

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